Over the years, progress on computer vision research has effectively benefitted the medical domain, leading to the development of several high impact image-guided interventions and therapies. While the past couple of years have seen tremendous progress on 3D computer vision, especially in ADAS or driver-less navigation domains, the impact on the medical domain has been limited. This workshop aims to bring together the practitioners of 3D computer vision and medical domain and engage them in a dialogue emphasizing the key recent advances and bridging the gap between 3D computer vision research and potential medical applications.


Invited Speakers

Nicolas Padoy
University of Strasbourg

Zicheng Liu
Microsoft Research

Serena Yeung
Stanford University

Mathias Unberath
Johns Hopkins University


Schedule Title Speaker
1:30 PM Opening remarks Yao-jen Chang
Vivek Singh
1:35 PM Computer Vision for Monitoring Safety in the Operating Room Nicolas Padoy
2:20 PM 3D Skeletal Tracking on Azure Kinect Zicheng Liu
3:05 PM Coffee break  
3:15 PM Ambient Intelligence in AI-Assisted Hospitals Serena Yeung
4:00 PM Towards autonomous medical scanning Vivek Singh,
Yao-jen Chang
4:45 PM Towards the next generation of image guidance for endoscopic procedures (slides) Mathias Unberath
5:30 PM Panel discussion  


Vivek Singh
Siemens Healthineers

Yao-Jen Chang
Siemens Healthineers

Ankur Kapoor
Siemens Healthineers